Five Off Beat & Inexpensive Texas Road Trip Ideas

When out of state tourists think of Texas road trips, only a few hot spots come to mind: The Alamo, Austin night life, and that is about it. I wanted to point out some other lesser-known city and outside attractions that might make for an interesting road trip.

Schlitterbahn – For your summer time road trip, drive your water-amusement-park-lovin’ self down to New Braunfels, Texas and get your feet wet in this German themed oasis of fun. There are two parts to this park, and I personally enjoy the older classic part. I don’t know, there is just something nostalgic about that muddy water tube slides and river tubing.

I am sure the kids and the wife would prefer the newer part with a man-made river of the chlorinated persuasion one can lounge on alligator floaty on all day. It keeps you moving whether you want to or not. There are also huge slides that make for a real tongue swallower!

Tubing on the Guadalupe River – While in the area, this is definitely something to write home about a Texas favorite. There are several different routes ranging from one hour to four that will make your day on the river a time flexible reality. You can even drink beer while tubing, but be careful and don’t get carried away (no pun intended). As a recent rule, they do limit it to one six pack per person.

I’d advise doing some research online for quality “float the river” tips. For inner tube coupons from various providers, type in Tubing on the Guadalupe River in Google without quotes. Bring a picnic basket and you family can have a pretty inexpensive day of fun.

San Antonio’s Haunted Railroad Crossing – After tubing all day, you still have time to make a trip that night an hour away in San Antonio. South of San Antonio, in a low key neighborhood not too far from the San Juan Mission is an intersection of roadway and railroad track that has become known in a catalog of American ghost lore.

In 1941, a catholic school bus full of kids made its way down the road and toward the intersection. It stalled on the railroad tracks and a speeding train crushed the bus, sacrificing all of the children. The bus driver, a nun, survived, until she went insane and committed suicide.

Since the accident over 60 years ago (as the story goes), any vehicle stopped on the railroad tracks will be pushed by tiny unseen hands across the tracks to safety. This is the only part of the city where ghost children help with your defensive driving in San Antonio. Try using baby power on your bumper, so you can see their prints! This is definitely spooky, and from experience it works too!

In the last ten years, the railroad crossing has grown has grown rapidly in popularity, with tourists visiting nightly mostly due to online ghost and haunting stories research.

Fredericksburg, Texas – If you’re not down for ghost chases, here is a little less paranormal sabbatical, for the next day in your vacation. Known for bed and breakfast houses and antique stores, Fredericksburg, Texas is a small town located in Gillespie County (almost the exact middle of Texas). A perfect get away for you and your honey after a day on the river. They have over 300 accommodations for a town with 8,911 in population.

Only 63 miles north of San Antonio and 67 miles west of Austin, you could make a half day of a visit, the whole day and spend the night in a bed and breakfast. There are also quite a few hunting and fishing opportunities. Men, you might save that for another road trip with your buddies when you aren’t with your wife or significant other.

Luckenbach, Texas – While in Fredericksburg you might as well hit Luckenbach not very far away. “Everybody’s somebody in Luckenbach, Texas” because it is officially Texas’ smallest town with an official government census population in 1970 of 3. Waylon and Willy sang about it.

The oldest building in town is a general store/saloon opened in 1849 by Minna Engel, whose father was an itinerant preacher from Germany. The store is also a gift shop where you can get a shirt and a shot glass, your merit badge to any city along your Texas road trip.

There you have it folks, five off beat and inexpensive Texas road trip ideas.